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We wanted to share our psychic experience

We have had such amazing help and guidance with our psychics that we wanted to share your experience with everyone. Our local hiking club was seeking an answer to whether we should seriously invest in making our club grow, we sought out a medium and found some great answers to some of our problems it truly was a spiritual exciting journey.

To Say our members mean everything to us is an understatement. We really thought we would lose the vast majority of members. As who would have thought biking enthusiasts would also be psychic enthusiasts. From top to toe we are now a spiritual guide community who does much work for the poor whilst also running a profitable business. If you would like to ever use our services we guarantee genuine people who actually care more about you than the money they will make off you. In being the number#1 choice for your healing needs we believe we need to deliver results. This is exactly what we do. We help you heal.

Hudson Valley Psychics was originally a biking club that many New Zealanders had at some point. In joining the group a psychic entered and changed many peoples lives. It fastly became apparent that the group was much more into spirituality that biking.

With the transition from biking to the psychic world, we thought a lot of our members would drop off. It was, in fact, the total opposite. More and more members started joining. Our group got so big we had to find another location for our weekly psychic meetings. Eventually, we decide to make a business out of it and open a phone line.

We keep our lines open 24/7 and there is always someone available night or day. We fully realize that you may be going through an emergency you need help with and that by helping you we are fulfillingĀ our destiny as healers. We provide but are not limited to giving you Tarot Card Readers, Fortune Tellers, Spiritual Guides, Angel Card Readers and pretty much any psychic service you may think of. So give us a call today and start the journey of healing your pain with us as help.